Identity, website, and proposed lookbook of Volume 1 created for Blaise Bender, a lifestyle storytelling experiment on Instagram by Fallon Thatcher. Follow her story @BlaiseBender on Instagram.

"Blaise Bender is a lifestyle storytelling experiment that brings to life a fictional character who hails from Wheeling, West Virginia. Through the eyes of creative behind-the-scenes storytellers, Blaise Bender is thrust into a morphing cityscape of experiences that redefines her view on how to live with intention through a blend of vintage and au currant fashion, sumptuous foods and illustrated adoration."

Blaise has been featured in Vogue and The London Times

Project created and owned by Fallon Thatcher
Creative Director and Stylist: Micah Paldino, Fallon Thatcher
Photography: Dustin Sparks, Dustin Sparks Photography

* Proposed lookbook (not produced)