THE 50

art print

The 50 is a new patrons' circle for the Contemporary Arts Center made up of 50 navigators of contemporary culture between the ages of 25 and 45. In collaboration with the Johnson Foundation, The 50 have donated enough funds to ensure free admission to the Contemporary Arts Center for at least the next three years.

The 50 is described as "a diverse group of engaged, progressive individuals who are committed to the city and to the vibrancy of the urban core." The identity is created in reflection of those values by using a minimalist monogram that can be utilized as an open, creative space.

Commissioned to create an art print for The 50 contributors as a thank you for their donations to the Contemporary Arts Center.



print collateral

THE WOMXN is a new program that will generate funding for exhibitions and performances of contemporary female artists at the CAC. In an effort to advance the cause of working female artists, community support will accelerate them to making their mark on the world.

Identity is created with custom stencil lettering that was featured in Andrea Bowers’ Womxn Workers of the World Unite! Drawing inspiration from Christopher Wool and Guerilla Girls, the utilitarian stencil lettering is juxtaposed against a feminine color palette.

This direction was then translated to CAC print collateral.



print collateral

The Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) was founded in 1939 by three young, forward-thinking women with little to no formal museum experience. Growing into a 400-member organization, the Modern Art Society was moved into a dedicated space and renamed the Contemporary Arts Center in 1954.

Honoring the past, a new legacy society was created for individuals who express a long-term commitment to funding the CAC. These individuals, as did the founders, understand the importance of leaving a legacy to benefit the future of contemporary art in our community.

The identity was inspired by one of the original logos in the archives for the Modern Art Society. Promotional collateral was then paired with imagery from initial exhibitions to show the progress of the Contemporary Arts Center.