Project Grants propel thought-provoking creatives, equip civic problem-solvers and fund urban innovators. Applicants are doers and risk-takers with entrepreneurial spirits and track-records of turning ideas into action. People's Liberty grantees receive funding, work space at the Globe Building in Findlay Market and storytelling support throughout the term of their 10-month grantcycle.

For community engagement, Project Grants are also referred to as #WWYD10K, asking the question, “What Would You Do with $10K?”

For the launch of #WWYD10K, customized kinetic lettering was designed that can be assembled and pulled apart with infinite possibilities, much like the creative process. The creative direction of #WWYD10K was then implemented with messaging such as Launch New Ideas, Pull Your Ideas Together, and Design Your City. In execution, #WWYD10K was cohesively promoted across digital and print platforms. 

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1. Newsprint centerfold promotion
2. Full alphabet of #WWYD10K kinetic lettering
3. Samples of digital promotion materials (Facebook and Instagram)