Photo: Josh Anderson   (

Photo: Josh Anderson (


art direction

Together with a small, collaborative team and lots of participants, we created the First Edition of the Tether Sourcebook. 

For the Sourcebook, the publication consisted of three main sections: Editorial (Showcasing three local entrepreneurs and the behind-the-scenes process of photo shoots); Portfolio (Photo shoot submissions by local image-makers); Directory (Participating talent listing and resource for talent seekers).

For print, Tether had the opportunity for a more expansive art direction. Most notably, using analog materials to create patterns and textures of “ropes” as a supporting element—a connection to process and visual creatives.

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Featured in Pattern Magazine (Volume 13 | Quantum Leap), City Beat, and local press.


Tamia Stinson, Editor-in-Chief (
Hannah Williams, Design Director (
Katie Hicks, Feature Writer (
Feoshia Davis, Associate Editor
Baihley Grandison, Fact-Checking Editor
Carly Strohmaier, Design Assistant
Joe Walsh, Photographer (
Leyla Shokoohe, Social Media Manager 
Cody Gunningham, Artist (
Lindsay Nehls, Artist (
Erin Mahorney, Artist (